Focused On Your Health

It's Confusing Out There!

where do you turn for help?

Are you frustrated by restrictive diets?

Want to feel great in your clothes and confident in your body?

Are you ready to get off that yo-yo dieting roller coaster once and for all?

You are not alone.

The truth is, there is no one diet that works for everyone. What works for your friend may or may not work for you.

That’s where I come in. As your health coach, I will work with you to create lasting, lifelong change.

We will discuss your goals and current lifestyle, working to find balance. We will identify and remove the things that don’t serve you by replacing them with things that do.

Together, we will explore and create a plan that truly works for you.

you have goals

I can help you achieve them

My Process: What’s It Like To Work With Me?

I work with most clients to help them establish healthy habits that can be sustained for the long term. We tackle one thing at a time, together, until it becomes second nature. The approach will differ from one client to the next depending on client wants or needs. But, my overall goal is to help you learn to make long term changes rather than try to implement a quick fix.

Step 1: A 30-minute, no obligation exploratory call to discuss your goals and whether I am a good fit to help you achieve them.

Step 2:  Fill out a comprehensive intake form to better help me to understand your life circumstances. There is no one-size-fits-all plan, everyone is unique. Once I have a clearer picture of your life and journey, we can start to craft a solution that will work for you.

Step 3: A 60-minute meeting, either via phone, Skype or in-person, to discuss your intake form answers and come up with our first course of action. At this time we will discuss the long term road map, short term goals and immediate action steps.

Step 4: Gain access to personalized health coaching portal where you can track your progress, log meals and/or exercise, upload progress photos, communicate with me, etc. This is a private system, meaning only you and I will be able to see your activity.

Step 5+: From here, we will meet on a regular basis, with the frequency and type of contact selected in your package. All options include consistent contact, so that we can work on one thing at a time until it’s become a regular habit.

Why should I work with you?

Honestly, until we meet, I can't say for certain that you should work with me. One of the goals of the free 30-minute consultation is to determine if we are a good fit to work together.

Are you a personal trainer?

My training is in nutritional coaching. However, I have extensive experience with many types of exercise and fitness training and can certainly advise on workout programs.


Lane W

It felt great to slow down, talk with Jeff, learn new ideas, set small goals and feel real support... At first my feelings were mixed but I was happily surprised.*

Plans And Pricing

Hands Off!

Starting at $27/mo

  • 12 Months: $327 ($27/mo)
  • 6 Months: $222 ($37/mo)
  • 3 Months: $147 ($49/mo)
  • Kick-Off Meeting: via Phone or Skype
  • Coaching Portal/App
  • Special Gift Shipped to You
  • 1x Weekly Email Communication
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Hands On!

Starting at $48/mo

  • 12 Months: $576 ($48/mo)
  • 6 Months: $354 ($59/mo)
  • 3 Months: $213 ($71/mo)
  • Kick-Off Meeting: via Phone or Skype
  • Coaching Portal/App
  • Special Gift Shipped to You
  • 1x Weekly Email Communication
  • 1x Monthly Progress Call via Phone or Skype
  • 1x Monthly De-stress Call via Phone or Skype
  • Custom Nutrition Guide
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All Hands On Deck!

Starting at $71/mo

  • 12 Months: $852 ($71/mo)
  • 6 Months: $498 ($83/mo)
  • 3 Months: $288 ($96/mo)
  • Kick-Off Meeting: via Phone, Skype or in-person*
  • Coaching Portal/App
  • Special Gift Shipped to You
  • Unlimited Email Communication
  • 1x Weekly Progress Meeting: via Phone, Skype or in-person*
  • 2x Monthly De-stress Call: via Phone or Skype
  • Custom Nutrition Guide
  • Healthy Recipe Ideas
  • One-Time Pantry Clean-out: via Skype or in-person*
  • One-Time supermarket Tour: via Skype or in-person*
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*In-person options available in Portland, Oregon area only.

Which plan is right for me?

That will depend on how much support you need. This is something we can discuss during your complementary 30-minute consultation.

Do You Offer One-Time or Month to Month Pricing?

Yes, but only to existing clients at the conclusion of any package.

Do you offer free trials?

I offer a free, no obligation, 30-minute telephone consultation. The purpose of this call is to learn your goals, provide some tips you can use, and decide if we are a good fit to work together. I do not offer trial coaching however.

What if I want to change my plan?

Upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time! If downgrading, balance will extend coaching sessions proportionately.

What is a "De-Stress" call?

This is where I pull in a trained listener to help you work through items that may be hindering progress toward your health goals.

I Get You, Because I'm Like You...

A Lifetime Yo-Yo Dieter, I Finally Learned How To Live a Healthy Lifestyle. But My Life, Like Yours, Has Been Full of Unexpected Events And Setbacks

2010, at the start of my fitness journey.*
Later in 2010, after diligently applying my early lessons around nutrition and fitness.*
2012, our wedding day. 6 weeks before a devastating neck injury.*
2013, after a neck injury and nearly a year of inactivity, where depression and poor diet set in.*
Dec 2013, reclaiming my health post-injury!*

Schedule A Free, No Obligation, 30-Minute Consultation

About Jeff

Who Is This Jeff Guy, And Why Should I Trust Him With My Health & Money???

Based in beautiful Portland Oregon, I’m a husband, father and typical armchair quarterback with a sweet tooth, chronic migraines and an arthritic neck – all of which I manage daily.

My journey towards balanced health started back in 2010 – inspired by my oldest son actually. Since then, I’ve been on a health and fitness journey that took me through tons of self education and experimentation.

As I’m sure you can relate, life is full of surprises and often setbacks. When a neck injury put me on my back for months, I got seriously down. One day, while wallowing in my funk, my wife asked me:

What excites you when you think about it? What gets you pumped and eager to learn more, push yourself, and keep going? Find that ‘something’ that makes you feel alive.”

I heard her loud and clear. The answer was of course nutrition and fitness. When I applied that knowledge to my life, it changed my body, mind and outlook. Besides, I was already trying to coach anyone who would listen anyway. This new realization gave me a renewed sense of purpose and energy!

Since, I have become a certified fitness and nutrition health coach by Precision Nutrition – a respected leader in health and fitness education and training – because what makes me feel alive is helping you feel your best!

Why Get A Health Coach?

Because You Have Goals And I Can Help You Achieve Them




Schedule A Free, No Obligation, 30-Minute Consultation

What Clients Say

Liz G

Not only was Jeff an 'ear' (for my fitness challenges), but he often had a solution or a suggestion for my challenges. I really liked his approach of mastering small goals, as opposed to diving 100% in to start... Jeff approaches nutrition as a healthy lifestyle, rather than a diet. He takes into account personal challenges you have to get you there, but is also realistic about your goals and how you will achieve them.

Lane W

It felt great to slow down, talk with Jeff, learn new ideas, set small goals and feel real support... At first my feelings were mixed but I was happily surprised.

Ash W

Jeff worked with me to fit reasonable tasks into my crazy life. I felt really in control of this whole process with him and have easy next-steps to help me now that our sessions are complete.

Dianna R

Jeff helped me get myself back on track. He's got some great ideas, he's kind and I'm very comfortable speaking with him about anything. He made it really easy to open up and be honest about what my issues are. I wasn't intimidated as I have been with other trainers. I'm so glad I get to work with him! He helps me have confidence that I can achieve my goals.

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