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In 2010, Jeff Jr (who had become a bit of a chub himself), came home from college for a visit and was looking fit and trim. He’d only been away for maybe six months, so I was really taken aback. He told me about a book called “Body For Life” by Bill Phillips.

This picture was taken in March 2010, literally the weekend before my first BFL challenge.

That book really changed my life, for real. In a nutshell, Bill challenges you to challenge yourself for 12 weeks. I took to it, followed Bill’s words to a T and lost nearly 20 lbs, while adding muscle and confidence. I felt fantastic. Even after my first 12 weeks, I did a fair job of keeping the weight off … until a neck injury … but that’s a story for another time.

BFL was a great launching pad for me, it really got me started in the right direction. From there, I took to learning about healthy, sustainable diets on my own.


What struck me more than anything during this time was how little I really knew before. I always thought I had a healthy diet, but in reality I had no idea.


As I looked around to friends and family, I started to realize that most of us want to eat well and make healthy choices, but because there is so much conflicting information about proper health and weight loss, it’s really difficult to know what’s right – for us. To further compound the confusion, what works for one person may not necessarily work for you or me.

This was taken in June 2010, after my first BFL challenge.

This realization was the spark for me. I decided that I really wanted to help others sift through the deluge of information and find what works for them. That ultimately led me to Precision Nutrition and getting certified as a nutritional coach.

My life experiences, that I’ve shared with you over these last three posts, have really helped me become clear on one thing:  my wholehearted desire to help others reach their health goals – whatever they may be: lose weight, gain muscle, get toned or (possibly most importantly) look great naked!

Even if you aren’t ready to work with a coach like me, I’d highly recommend picking up the book “Body for Life” by Bill Phillips.

Ready to take the plunge and figure out the weight loss strategy that’s right for you?

Get in touch today and let’s talk, free.

Jeff Spitzer, Nutrition In Focus

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